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In the present scenario most of the countries over the world have relied upon Indian software company and firms or Software Companies for the software development activities, as the country possesses a global competency in the IT sector. The Software development company India comprises of businesses related to the production and maintenance of computer software. The roots of the Software Industry India lies in the IT phenomenon. Services regarding software such as training, consulting and maintenance are a part of this ever-growing industry.

The Software companies is witnessing a rapid growth and offers lucrative job opportunities making IT a premium career option for the youth. Infact it is one of the fastest growing sector of Indian industry.

India is emerging as a Global IT superpower. The success can be attributed to factor advantage of high quality of software human resources. The Software Industry has succeeded in converting this comparative advantage to increasing exports. More and more companies are receiving the ISO 9000 certification and the day is not far when India will have the highest number of ISO 9000 companies in the world.

Our Products


India's 1st rapidly growing Survey report generation software that gives you peace of mind.

Survey Solution is all in one package for all reporting and album (photo sheet) printing. With survey solution, you don’t need to mess with so many softwares to create one single report. This revolutionary software will create your reports in record time and also manage all your data quickly without wasting time. Search, Index and manage your all reports in fraction of seconds through unique dashboard feature. It also have spell check, reminders, auto-complete, user defined external file linking, Arrow, circle and text marking in album creation, One and only software to maintain TAT thus insuring stress free working and peace of mind.
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Available Products List
  • Multi player Gaming Portal.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • LAN Monitoring System.
  • Motion detector.
  • School Management System.
  • Coaching/ Institution Automation System.
  • Library Management System.
  • Data Encryption (RSA)
  • Data Encryption (Matrix Based).
  • Survey Solution (Insurance survey report generator).
  • Enquiry Management System.
  • Automobile Workshop Automation System.


Over the years, we at Code-X Technologies have successfully completed a wide range of projects for different industries and business sectors. The projects differ in...

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  • Product Development.
  • Research and Consulting.
  • Offshore Web Applications Request for Proposal.
  • Architecture, Design, and Development.

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Working environment has evolved over the years that each person feels comfortable to develop their skills or potential and make the best use of their abilities…

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